Latinas Support Latinas

10% Net Proceeds will be Donated to the following Organizations.

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

national latina institute for reproductive health

NLIRH builds Latina power to guarantee the fundamental human right to reproductive health, dignity, and justice. 

Nuestra Hijas de Regreso a Casa

Nuestra Hijas de Regreso a casa, May our Daughters return home, juarez Mexico

“May Our Daughters Return Home” is a civil rights organization  focused on returning the bodies of femicide victims to their families  for a proper burial and bringing their aggressors to justice. 


Fondo Semilla non-profit organization

Semillas is a non-profit organization focused on improving women’s lives  in Mexico. We dream of a country where all women, indigenous, mestiza,  black, young, migrant, heterosexual, lesbian, mothers, and students  alike, can make their own decisions and have access to health services, a  decent job, justice, and happiness..